California Suspends the Pre-Existing Condition Plan Enrollment Due To Lack Of Federal Funding

Following federal direction, received on February 15, 2013 California PCIP will suspend new enrollments.

PCIP helps uninsured individuals with pre-existing conditions get affordable health insurance. The program has a limited amount of funding from Congress. Based on national experience and trends since the program began, PCIP enrollees have serious and expensive illnesses with significant and immediate health care needs. This enrollment suspension will help ensure that funds are available for existing PCIP subscribers through 2013.

  • Applications received after March 2, 2013, will be screened for eligibility for the Major Risk Medical Insurance Plan (MRMIP). MRMIP, the state high risk pool is still open for new enrollment and available for individuals with a pre-existing condition. The application is for both programs.
  • PCIP subscribers moving to California from another state, can still enroll in California PCIP.

Current PCIP subscribers are not affected by this change. However, subscribers need to pay their monthly PCIP premiums by the due date and continue to meet all eligibility requirements. Members who are disenrolled cannot be re-enrolled.

This program is administered by the Managed Risk Medical Insurance Board (MRMIB) as a contractor to the federal Department of Health and Human Services.

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