Finding health plans that include the doctors you want

Many consumers shopping for coverage through Covered California have trouble finding policies that include the doctors and hospitals they’re accustomed to seeing.

  • To make insurance affordable, insurers are seeking to control costs in part by limiting the number of doctors and hospitals included in their networks.

Shopping for doctors is never easy. This year, the state’s new health exchange seems to be making it tougher than ever.

  • Most of the insurance companies on the exchange are offering provider networks that are far narrower than those sold on the market today. Blue Shield is offering a network through its exchange plans that represents roughly 37% of its full network.

Many consumers who currently have insurance and are shopping for a new plan through Covered California are finding it difficult to locate policies that include the doctors and hospitals they’re accustomed to seeing.

Covered California issued a report last week saying that more than 58,000 physicians were available through the exchange’s plans, compared with the 63,000 to 72,000 physicians in the state’s largest commercial networks.  But how that plays out for consumers probably depends on the specific plan they choose.

  • In many cases, even doctors themselves are unsure of their status in the new plans. Insurers have a long history of inaccurate and outdated provider listings, which the law does nothing to fix. And the provider lists found on Covered California have themselves been riddled with errors.

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