Survey: Fewer Calif. Firms Offer Health Insurance to Workers

The proportion of California employers that offer health insurance to workers declined significantly in the previous decade, according to a new survey by the California HealthCare Foundation, the Sacramento Bee’s “Capitol Alert” reports.

  • The survey found that the proportion of employers in the state offering health coverage to workers declined from 71% in 2002 to 60% in 2012
  • According to the survey, the cost of health insurance has increased by nearly 170% since 2002, which is more than five times the 31.5% increase in the state’s overall inflation rate
  • The survey found that the average premium for single-person health coverage was $545 per month in 2012, compared with the national average of $468. Meanwhile, the average premium for family coverage was $1,386 in California, compared with the national average of $1,312.
  • According to the survey, larger employers with high proportions of full-time workers were most likely to offer health coverage to employees. It also found that deductibles were more likely to be significantly higher among small employers than among large employers
  • Meanwhile, 21% of employers said that they increased workers’ share of premium costs during 2012, while 17% said that they reduced benefits or absorbed increases .

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