About Us


John W Barrett


In 2004, Mr. Barrett founded Health Insurance Brokers as a partnership of independent insurance brokers specializing in health insurance and income protection strategies for individuals and business owners with less than 100 employees.

He began his career in the financial services and insurance industry in 1971 after serving in the U.S. Marine Corps and receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy.

He began as stockbroker with Bateman Eichler, Hill Richards, a Los Angeles based regional investment banking firm. During the mid-70s he joined the management of Paine Webber in their Los Angeles Regional Office.

During the early 1980’s, he worked with firms such as Oppenheimer and Jefferies & Company in Los Angeles, and Becker Paribas in New York City.

During the mid and late 1980s, he was the senior managing principal of two regional securities and investment banking firms located in Southern California.

In September 1991, he founded Palisades Capital Group to offer investment banking advisory services, valuation opinions, research, and consulting services to privately held and small publicly traded companies in California and Arizona.

In addition to acting as a health insurance broker, he is a frequent consultant, regarding current trends in health insurance and the overall health insurance brokerage industry, to a number of national consulting firms, independent securities research firms, investment advisory and private equity firms.

He also provides articles and background information on the health insurance industry to major newspapers, magazines, online news websites, local radio, cable, and local television news departments.



Kathleen Barrett


Kathleen Barrett is Director of Administration and Research for Health Insurance Brokers. Ms. Barrett is responsible for the administration and operations, and providing general economic, insurance and medical industry related research to our business clients.

In addition to her association with Health Insurance Brokers, Ms. Barrett is also served as Research Director, and Manager of Valuation and Consulting Services for Palisades Capital Group.

During the 1990s, she was a Lecturer and Instructor in the California State University and Junior College Systems. From 1991 until 1997, she lectured in the fields of United States Business and Economic

History, as well as Japanese History, at the University of Southern California. During late 1990s, she provided consulting, communication and administration services at Rand Corporation.

During the late 1970’s, she was a stockbroker with the investment banking firms of Bateman Eichler, Hill Richards, and Paine Webber in Southern California.

During the early 1970s, she was a Lecturer at USC, and in 1975 traveled to Tehran, Iran on behalf of the University of Southern California to assist in the establishment of the USC American Language Institute for the Iranian Government.

Ms. Barrett received a BA in Asian Studies (Phi Beta Kappa), an MBA in Corporate Finance (Beta Gamma Sigma), and advanced degrees in business and Economic History, Asian Studies, and Linguistics from the University of Southern California.