Our Mission


In 2004, I founded Health Insurance Brokers as a partnership of independent insurance brokers specializing in health insurance and related supplemental and employee benefits.

The mission of my firm is to offer creative health insurance solutions and income protection to individuals and small business owners.

We advise the self-employed that need to provide for their own health insurance and other benefits, families inneed of personal coverage, and seniors in the selection of their Medigap and Medicare Advantage plans.

In addition to health insurance, we also provide creative solutions to protect and replace one’s income in the case of an accident, critical or chronic illness.

One area of our focus is to act as an exit broker for a number of companies and professional firms in California assisting former employees in finding individual health insurance coverage as an alternative to an employer’s COBRA coverage.

We advise business owners with less than 100 employees on group health insurance plans that comply with the ACA (Obamacare), and related supplemental employee benefits.

We offer assistance to business owners with their ACA (Obamacare) compliance by coordinating with their internal HR/Accounting departments or outside HR/Payroll firms. If needed, we provide referrals to HR/Payroll firms and Workers Compensation brokers that specialize in offering services to business owners with less than 100 employees.


Our solutions are designed to provide both traditional health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA or Obamacare) and alternatives for coverage that are now available outside of the ACA.

  • Unique strategies specifically designed for the self-employed who must provide their own health insurance, and supplemental income protection. These strategies replicate, on an individual basis, benefits provided by large companies such as disability, terminal or critical illness, and various forms of long term care coverage.
  • Utilization of new forms of individual coverage that are not part of the ACA such as Association Plans, short term medical coverage, hospital indemnity, and health care sharing ministry as defined under the ACA.
  • GAP coverage designed to reimburse the high deductible gap that must be paid by the individual before the insurance coverage pays the remainder of the medical services.
  • Income protection strategies utilizing disability, critical illness, and other policies designed to replace income lost through accidents or illness.
  • Long term care payment solutions involving the combination of life insurance with various riders (additional coverage) for long term care as a result of an accident or a terminal, critical, or chronic illness.
  • Employee benefit strategies for business owners that are specifically designed to attract new and retain valuable company employees.